Sample Production Agreement

With respect to the protection of the intellectual property rights of KWS UK Ltd (referred to as “KWS” in this Agreement), this Agreement sets out the terms of the KWS Oilseed Establishment Partnership (KOEP) agreement between KWS and the Producer. This Agreement will come into force on the day this Agreement is signed between McClatchy Newspapers Inc., Publisher of SACRAMENTO BEE (“Company”), and pacific MEDIA WORKERS GUILD, LOCAL 39521, 433 Natoma, San Francisco, CA 94103 (“Guild”)  2004 ACTRA, Canadian Film and Television Production Association, association des Producteurs de Films et de Télévision du Québec in force. A101 Bargaining Unit The producer recognizes ACTRA as the exclusive bargaining agent for performers within the meaning of this Agreement, with respect to all minimum requirements under this Agreement.