Small Scale Business With Buyback Agreement

It was established twenty years ago and registered in 2010 by its owner PP as an owner company. Sekar Company Legal Counsel. The unit is located in Tamil Nadu, near Hosur 75 km south of Bangalore, the center of Agarbatti in India. It manufactures the high quality incense sticks in its brand Poojadeep Agarbattis and delivers them to its Indian customers in truths respectful of Sandalenagarbattis, Rosenagarbattis, Mogra Agarbattis, Kewda Agarbattis, Lavender agarbattis, Champa Agarbattis, Nag Champa Agarbattis, Fruity Agarbattis, Floral Agarbattis, Original Agarbattis, Highly Cooked Agarbattis, Soaked Agarbattis, Strongly Scented Agarbattis, Flora Agarbattis and Somanyen from Incense Sticks at the request of the customer. Please provide us with your data. Our business experts will contact you shortly. It offers an online and offline platform to purchase certified pre-owned electronics through our website and in our BuyBackMart stores. Little agarbatti do business, arrange buyers and suppliers, sign a buyback contract. BuyBackMart works in a very unique way with resellers so that our customer receives the best price for his used product, with an easy and fast procedure with our HI-TECH online calculator, which immediately gives them a price. These products are then quality tested, certified and sold on the market 3 months seller`s warranty….