What Is A Sole Agent Agreement

Ms. Jansen did not feel able to risk having to pay fees to two groups of agents, so she gave notice and waited for the contract to expire before handing over the property to another agent. Until the government changes the law, it is up to the sellers to do their own checks with real estate agents. Kim Howells urges all consumers to check before using the services of a real estate agent to ensure they are members of the ombudsman system. If you`re signing an exclusive agent contract, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: Sometimes, however, even with established real estate agents, there is uncertainty as to what kind of contractual agreements may exist, or what artificial terms such as “exclusive representation,” “exclusive distribution rights agency,” “joint single representation,” or “multiple agency” actually mean. There is also uncertainty about what a treaty is supposed to say. In this article, I decided to explain these terms and give some tips on how to use them. Many real estate agents, even the big street brands, have a connection in the period. But if you end up not getting along with them or become dissatisfied with their service, you`ll want to cancel the contract. Make sure your contract gives you the option to cancel without penalty and go elsewhere if you are not satisfied with your agent. Some online real estate agents will ask you to pay upfront, but many offer a “no sale, no fees” guarantee – meaning you won`t have to pay if the sale fails.

But check the fine print first. In response to the article, Consumer Protection Minister Kim Howells issued a warning to officers who refuse to join.